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Singin' In The Rain

We’ve had a fair amount of rain in
Texas over the past several months, but it’s been mostly the
thunderstorm variety, with lots of high winds and dangerous
lightning. Maddie and Cora both have adorable rain coats and boots
and have begged for the chance to go out and splash in the rain,
but I’ve had to hold them back in the interest of safety.

Until yesterday.

A fairly decent storm passed overhead
yesterday morning, with plenty of lightning and wind – and,
of course, rain. By the end of the morning, the storm had pretty
much passed us by, and a quick check of the radar showed we had
clear – well, drizzly clear – skies in store.

So we put on our rain gear, and went outside to play.

The girls were wildly excited about the chance to splash in the
puddles – look, Ma, I’m getting dirty! – and had
a great time walking around the neighborhood searching for the best
splashes. Our meanderings led us to our friend Cody’s house,
and it took little persuasion to get the boy to come outside and

We headed back to our street – a cul-de-sac with a natural
splash pool built into it. The three kids shrieked and jumped and
played games for quite a long time, until hunger drove the girls
indoors. They were, of course, wet all over in spite of the rain
gear, so both girls went Naked Girl for lunch and fell into bed for
their naps, exhausted and happy.

I’m not usually a big fan of rainy days, mostly because it
requires more creativity and patience for Mommy as she entertains
two restless and bored girls. But if we have a few more of those
benevolent drizzles on the horizon, I wouldn’t be totally

I may even end up in a puddle or two myself.


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