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Wait Until She Watches Television

Cora is slightly more than obsessed with
Sesame Street characters, most specifically Cookie Monster and Big
Bird. She screams like a groupie when she spots Cookie Monster on,
say, a diaper or band aid or spiral notebook, and she’s
always asking for the “Big Bird Song” (his version of
the alphabet song) on the Sesame Street cd.

This would be expected, I know, if Cora actually watched
television. But my child has never even seen an episode of Sesame
Street – the only time she’s seen the characters
“move” was in the live show we went to last year. So
her entire knowledge of Sesame Street comes from the unavoidable
encounters – tooth brushes, books, diapers, and the like
– and from her big sister’s toys.

This obsession’s been growing, and I
have to admit, there are worse things to be into – the darn
Disney Princesses come to mind. At least with the Sesame Street
characters, she’s learning something other than the art of
looking good for a man and leaving her family just to please him.
Not to mention thinking she’s in love with him when
she’s only fifteen and has only seen him once, much less ever
spoken to him.

But I digress- sorry, Ariel. I’m sure I shouldn’t
believe everything I read about you in the press.

Right now Cora’s busy coloring in her Sesame Street coloring
book, putting Sesame Street stickers into it. She’s got
almost a half-dozen Sesame Street shirts – mostly Elmo and
Cookie Monster – that are the only things she’ll
tolerate going over her head (see yesterday’s blog). Earlier
today she dressed up as Abby Cadabby (Maddie’s old Halloween
costume) and Zoe (a homemade costume) both, putting on shows as
each. And tonight it’s a safe bet that we’ll be reading
Cookie Monster’s latest literary venture for the fiftieth
time at bedtime.

Thankfully, I can feed this obsession at a (relatively) low cost:
pretty much all the books, even the coloring books, have been found
at consignment sales, along with the toys and most of the clothing.
And on the plus side, I absolutely cannot wait until she gets to
sit down and watch her first episode of Sesame Street on
television; I want to be sure to be sitting next to her when she
does, so I get at least some of the credit for it.

On the downside, I anticipate a long summer, full of “Sunny
Day” and “Rubber Duckie”.


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