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I Can't Believe I'm Pushing This

You know I’m one of the biggest
anti-gadgets people out there, right? You know I roll my eyes when
Brian looks at our television that was old twenty years ago and
talks about getting a new one, and I say, “But this one works
just fine!” You know that, right?

Ok, good. Because I’m about to tell you about an electronics
website and I don’t want you to think I’m that kind of

The site is called href="http://www.woot.com" target="_blank">Woot and many
dads probably already know all about it. Basically it’s like
Overstock.com for electronic stuff; they sell one item a day at a
drastically reduced price. Every once in a while they have a Woot
Off, which is a whole day of different products: they’ll have
perhaps ten electric nose-hair clippers, sell them, and move on to
a big-screen t.v. at a hundred bucks. Or something close to that.

The only reason I’m telling you about this site is because we
happen to have gotten several good products at a great price from
them that we use for the girl. Most notably, we just bought a small
non-brand iPod for fifteen bucks. It’s tiny – holds
maybe eight albums total – but it’s got just enough
memory for Cora and Maddie’s favorite hits. So we loaded it
up with their favorites – Little Mermaid soundtrack, all
things Justin Roberts, a dash of Sesame Street – and now
it’s “their” iPod. We can plug it in downstairs,
in their rooms, in the car, wherever they are. Maddie and Cora love
to get in the car and sing out, “Don’t forget my
iPod!” and Brian loves not having to keep all their stuff on
his iPod. The fact that it came in pink was just a bonus.

And I love that it was only fifteen bucks. In fact, I’m
kicking myself for not buying a dozen and giving them as birthday
gifts to all the girls’ friends the rest of the year.

In addition to the iPod, we’ve gotten Cora’s small
stereo for her room, as well as my computer, from Woot, just to
name a couple things. You never know if it’s going to be a
gem like the iPod or a crapper like a toy cell phone (really
vibrates!) for ninety-nine cents, but it’s worth keeping an
eye on. I hate spending more than I have to on household
electronics gear.

So add it to your list of sites to check – maybe tomorrow
it’ll be the world’s best crock pot for ten bucks.

It could happen.


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