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Mutual Admiration Society

Every afternoon, Maddie and Mommy and Cora
pile into Maddie’s bed and read books together as part of our
naptime routine. After a few books and some prayers, Cora and I
leave Maddie to go to sleep and proceed to Cora’s room to
finish her own nap routine. Usually, Cora’s sleepy enough by
that time that she wants me to carry her to her own room.

Yesterday, though, Cora wanted to walk so she could shut
Maddie’s door, and as she and I crept out of Maddie’s
room Cora turned around to a drowsy Maddie and said, “Wuv
you, Maddie!”

Now, this is part of Maddie’s sleep routine –
whoever’s leaving the room calls out, “I love
you!” and Maddie says “I love you!” back. But
Cora’s never said it before, and you could tell it delighted
Maddie, who sang out, “I love you too, my little

Emboldened, Cora said again, “Wuv
you, Maddie!” “I love you, too!” came back once
more. They delighted themselves so much this went on a few more
times before Cora realized her fatigue and cut the adoration short.
It was one of those moments when you wish you had a video camera
running all the time so you could catch such a moment. It was also
one of those moments when you realize that having more than one kid
really is a blessing for more than just you and your spouse.

Yesterday’s exchange is simply one example of a growing
endearment between Maddie and Cora, and frankly it can’t come
soon enough, seeing as how they’ve both got a pretty solid
understanding of those other emotions like Jealousy, Envy,
Selfishness, and Teasing. Both girls seem to enjoy delicately
tormenting the sibling – think “Stop touching
me!” – and I’m relieved to see there’s a
bit of love growing that will hopefully balance the selfish stuff

That same day, Maddie earned the right to go pick out a Thomas
train at the toy store (remember the water thing?), and she was
very excited. Maddie woke up from her nap before Cora did, and I
offered to take Maddie to the store by herself while my mom stayed
home with a sleeping Cora. I thought Maddie would be delighted with
one-on-one time with Mommy.

To my surprise, Maddie turned me down several times. “No,
Mommy, I don’t want to go now, I want to go after
dinner.” “But puppy, if we go now you can go by
yourself.” “I don’t want to go by myself.”
“Wouldn’t you prefer to go without Cora?”

Maddie looked at me in bewilderment. “No, I don’t want
to go without Cora! I want to wait for her. I love my sister and
love spending time with her.”

Thank you, God, that my children love each other, and may I remind
my eldest of her feelings when Cora takes her new train and runs
away with it, Maddie in hot, murderous pursuit.


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