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Queen of the Week

Maddie’s school appoints a king or
queen every week – someone in her class who gets to spend the
week in the spotlight. The royal personage is the permanent line
leader, gets to be calendar helper, wears a crown all week, and
talks all about him or herself every day.

Need I tell you that Maddie has coveted this spot all year

We’ve finally hit the time of year
(and place on the alphabetical list) when it’s her turn.
Maddie began her reign yesterday and let me tell you, she’s
in royal hog heaven.

For the weekend, Maddie got to bring home Marvin, the class stuffed
monkey. Marvin had to go everywhere with us and we had to take
pictures and write in his journal as proof. I was a bit ready to
say bye-bye to Marvin yesterday morning, truth be told. But he
tolerated his stay with us, going to run errands and going out to
lunch and playing in the snow and at Cora’s panty party.
Marvin even suffered the indignity of the dress Maddie forced on
him for church – please remember, Marvin, that was not my

Marvin also helped us with Maddie’s poster – a huge
extravaganza of photos and, in Maddie’s case, stick-on
jewels. We printed out pictures of her with her friends and doing
things she loves, and then I stepped back and forced myself to let
her decorate the poster her way. And let me tell you, there are
more jewels on that thing than Elizabeth Taylor’s neck.

Maddie brought the poster to school yesterday and told the whole
class about each picture. As she walked home that afternoon, she
was more content and animated than she’s been in a long time
after school, and I know it’s because she’s queen. I
asked her why being queen made her so happy, and she said,
“It’s because I get a chance for everyone to learn all
about me.”

“And why does that make you happy?” I pressed,
wondering if she enjoys the attention, or feels important, or what.

Maddie thought, and said, “It makes me happy to be

I love that.


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