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Gears: Shifted

We are officially in Summer Time, though
Maddie contests that every time I say it, as she’s acutely
aware that summer doesn’t legally (or something) begin until
much later in June, according to the Seasonal Calendar Gods.

But here in our household, it’s summer time.

Let me tell you, ten minutes before school
got out every single mom was lined up ready to pick up her kid and
run. Cora and I were standing there anxiously, already in our
bathing suits and sunscreened up and ready to go. Maddie came
flying out of school, a look of bliss on her face as she caught
sight of me and made a break for it.

Five minutes later we were at our neighborhood clubhouse, which my
friends and I had reserved for the afternoon. We dropped our gear
and dove into the pool and simply stopped thinking about much of
anything at all, and it was sheer heaven. Our passel of kids played
and screamed and splashed with abandon, and we lay back and reveled
in the distinct lack of homework and lunch boxes in our immediate

My family spent a good four hours at the pool, and Maddie and Cora
got out for probably twenty minutes total the whole time: once for
a popsicle and fruit break, and once to inhale some pizza before
jumping back in. We stayed an hour (an hour!) past the girls’
school-time bedtime, and I was giddy with power. The girls crashed
hard, exhausted but content Friday night.

Saturday morning we slept in – well, Brian and I slept until
about 8:15, at which point our door opened and the girls said,
“We’re waiting for a grown-up to come downstairs with
us. We’re hungry.” But that’s sleeping in for us,
and I’ll take it. Saturday afternoon found us once again at
the pool, and we had another lazy afternoon, this time with
take-out burgers for dinner poolside before once again collapsing
into the bed.

On the schedule this week? Pool. Lunch. Pool. Dinner. Lather,
rinse, repeat.

We’re in summer time now, baby.


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