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By George, She's Got It

Apparently Cora is reading now.

And I missed it.

Monday night Cora shut herself in her room for a long time, and when Brian finally went to check on her, Cora said, “Daddy, I’m reading now! Do you want to hear it?”

Being a good dad, Brian said, “Of course I would!” while thinking “reading” meant “I have the book memorized and will now recite it out loud to you”.

And that’s how it sounded at the beginning, but it soon became clear to Brian that Cora was really reading. She’d skip a word and he’d say, “No, what’s this?” And she’d stop, look at it, and figure it out one letter at a time. Yep, reading.

Brian told me (did I mention I missed this?) that she’d finish one page, do a little happy dance wriggle with a huge smile, then go to the next page.

Maddie finally wandered in and Cora repeated her offer, which Maddie wisely accepted. As Cora was reading through she’d stumble or skip over a word and make herself stop and fix it. “Focus, focus,” she’d whisper to herself, take a big breath, and try it again.

I can’t believe I missed this.

So now she’ll casually carry a book into the room and offer to read it for someone. You can see in her face how big she feels, how open the door now is as the pages that were once just tantalizingly out of reach are beginning to miraculously be understandable.

It’s a big, wide, beautiful world out there, Li’l Bit. I can’t wait to watch you dive in.


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