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It's Like A Little Gang

Maddie’s always loved riding her scooter to school; she’s not quite a bicycle girl yet, but adores zooming along on her scooter, especially since she’s learned a few “tricks” like, well, braking. While Cora was in preschool she’d tag behind on her three-wheel faux-scooter to get Maddie to and from school, gamely pushing along but sensing something was different. And while she’s been patient about her rickety princess scooter, this weekend we finally upgraded Cora to the official Razor club.
Brian and Cora hit Target on Saturday and came home with a bright pink Razor, complete with wheels that light up if you go fast enough. Cora was ecstatic and scooted happily around the house on the wood floor all day. Maddie, a bit envious at how shiny and new Cora’s (otherwise identical) scooter was, handled her jealousy well and managed to be happy for Cora.

Sunday night Cora said, “Mommy, can we stay after school and scooter on the blacktop a bit tomorrow?” The school blacktop, I should explain, is sometimes a fair-weather stomping ground for Maddie’s gang; last spring we’d bring snacks and scooters and bikes and let the kids go crazy in the gorgeous weather for almost two hours while the grown-ups sat on blankets on the grass and chatted. Cora would play with her younger sibling friends or ride her bike a bit, but never had a “big-kid scooter” with which to join in.

Cora was clearly ready to roll.

So they’ve scootered to school all week now, played maniacally on the blacktop on Monday, and of course scootered home. My girls even have their “scooter routine” down pat, and I’ve grown quite fond of it.

I have hooks hanging on the garage wall for the folded-up scooters, and when we leave the house on a school morning Maddie goes first, lifting her higher scooter down and bringing it out. I unfold it while Maddie grabs her helmet and Cora gets her own scooter, carefully and importantly lifting hers down off the wall (the toddler scooter didn’t hang – another shameful delineation, I suppose). I’ll pop Cora’s open while she gets her helmet, snap the helmets on, and they’re ready to roll.

I absolutely adore walking behind the girls while they scooter along. Maddie goes faster, of course, because she’s taller and has those long legs. But she’s an expert at school-time travel, and waits patiently at the corner, standing in a pensive (and I’m sure in her mind quite cool) profile while she waits for us.

Cora is getting good at the two-wheel scooter, but it still takes practice to get that balance. And every once in a while she’ll say, “Boy, scootering sure does tire out your hiney.”

I love that.

When we get to school the girls are required to walk the scooters to the bike rack, and they file importantly past the “walkers”. After we get the scooters put up, helmets come off and Cora says, “Whew! Good ride today. Good ride.”

My little gang.


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