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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Yesterday I went to Cora’s school as a volunteer art lecturer. No, I’m not that good; it’s part of a district-wide program called Art To Go, where everything’s put together for you – pictures on foam board, questions pre-written, everything – and all you do is show up and look really really cultured. I’ve done this for Maddie’s classes in the past and was looking forward to sitting down and talking about art with Cora’s class for the first time.

Note to self – don’t ask kindergarteners such open-ended questions, and then LET THEM ANSWER THEM.

I cozied up on the floor with them and before I even began my presentation, I launched into a spiel I’ve done every time in the past with Maddie’s classes about viewing art in general, asking thought-provoking questions that would get them, well, thinking. It went a little something like this:

Me: “Ok, kiddos, let’s talk about how to behave when you go to a museum. What are some rules you should follow at amuseum?”

Kid #1: “Oh! How about don’t touch the paintings?”

Me (beaming): “Yes! That is an excellent rule! Don’t touch the paintings, because you might get them dirty or ruin them. You don’t like people touching the stuff you paint, do you? So what’s another rule about visiting a museum?”

Kid #2: “No roller-blading in a museum!” Pause. “I learned that the hard way.”

Me (blinking rapidly): “Yes, definitely, no roller-blading in a museum. What else?”

Kid #3: “Hey! No shooting the art!”


Me, trying valiantly to spin that one: “Sure, yes, like with a nerf gun or a water pistol, no shooting a painting!”

Kid #3 again: “Or with bullets, you know, either.”

Because this is Texas, you know.

Kid #4: “How about no yelling in a museum?”

Me (my relief visible): “Yes! Excellent! No yelling in a museum! Who else?”

Kid #3 raises her hand again.

Me (apprehensively): “Yes, sweetie, do you have another rule?”

Kid #3 (eyes staring owlishly at me): “Yes. No smoking the art.”

Aaaand we’re done here.


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