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Sick And Bored

Sunday night Maddie woke up at 3 a.m. with a fever; I loved on her, told her she couldn’t go to school the next day, and sent her back to sleep. She spent all Monday with no fever and just slight stuffiness, but at bedtime the fever showed back up. Sigh.

Home from school again on Tuesday, and I have to tell you, I’m pretty sure this thing is allergies. I’ve taken Cora to the doctor before for exactly the same symptoms – low to moderate fever, sore throat, slight stuffiness – and she guaranteed me it was allergies. Apparently in addition to causing EVERY OTHER SYMPTOM in the book, allergies can also run a low fever. Which, of course, is not contagious.

But without knowing for certain that it’s allergies, Maddie has to stay home until she’s fever-free. Which means I have one very bored kiddo around the house.

I have a small stash of chapter books I’ve been buying at the used bookstore in anticipation of Christmas, and the pile is dwindling rapidly as I hand them to Maddie in a desperate attempt at staving off the boredom. Wind in the Willows – gone. Huck Finn – gone. Two Ramona books – gone. My mom’s got an iPad so we’ve been downloading library books onto that for Maddie as well, but it’s still not keeping up.

Maddie’s done a book report for school that is due in THREE WEEKS. She’s done all her computer homework for the week. She’s worked several pages of math, helped me with chores, colored pages – you name it, she’s patiently done it. She’s just really ready to go back to school.

I love, of course, spending time with my daughter. I’m glad she’s not feeling too bad, so I don’t worry about her being in pain. But I have had a glimpse these past couple of days into homeschooling, and I can tell you – it is not for me. I would never be able to keep up with her brain. Her teacher sent home the past two days’ class work and Maddie finished it – two DAYS of class work – in a couple hours and said, “Now what can I do?”

That child needs to be in school.

Unfortunately, another fever spike last night guarantees she’s staying home today.

Help me.


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