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The Christmas Conundrum

Every year Christmas seems to get here sooner, and my lists seem to get longer: my to-do list, my shopping list, my list of gift recipients, are joined this year by my list of Things to Do for the School Winter Party list, to name just one. The holidays start sooner, but are on us before we know it.

And I am in quite a dilemma every year: one of my love languages is Gifts, so Christmas for me is license to give a ton of gifts to people without seeming over the top or excessive. On the other hand, I’m uncomfortable with what Christmas has become around here, and I keep wanting to dig down through the wrapping paper and tinsel and myriad of children’s shows about Christmas that spend an entire half-hour celebrating Christmas without once mentioning Jesus, and find the heart of Christmas again.

Santa Claus has given me agita since my girls were born. We definitely have Santa in our household, but I grow more and more uneasy every year with having to lie to our children. Maddie asks me point-blank questions sometimes, and I simply say, “I will not lie to you, so be careful what questions you ask me if you don’t want to know the answer.” So far she’s backed off, but I think this might be the year she voices her suspicions out loud and the illusion is shattered.

I recently read a fantastic blog,“The Christmas Conundrum” which says everything I’m feeling way better than I could ever hope to. Taking Santa out of the picture, cutting back on gifts, focusing on the true meaning of the season: she tackles all these things eloquently and thoughtfully. I read the blog several days ago and I’m still chewing on it.

What do you think? If you celebrate it, how do you keep Christmas meaningful in your house?


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