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The Next Best Thing To A Girl Scout Cookie

I’m always on the lookout for ways
to indulge myself without ingesting either 1) calories or 2)
chemicals of dubious healthfulness (also known as artificial
sweeteners). I recently stumbled across a real winner.

target="_blank">Metromint is a relatively new line of
flavored water that is, as you can guess, variations on mint. Most
flavored waters will have the aforementioned artificial sweeteners,
or at least a modicum of calories, in them, with my favorite href="http://www.drinkhint.com" target="_blank">Hint Water
being a notable exception. But I’ve not found any that
channel my favorite flavor – chocolate.

I was cruising the local market a couple
weeks ago when I stumbled across Metromint, and I was interested
enough to shuffle through all the flavors: peppermint, spearmint,
lemon mint, orange mint, and – hold the phone –
chocolate mint.

What can I say? I threw a bottle or six in the shopping cart.

I’m rarely able to nap these days – the girls’
naps don’t line up, or there’s simply too much to do.
And with Cora still an all-night party animal I find myself
dragging in the afternoon. So my reward now for not napping is to
crack open a bottle of the stuff. The mint is naturally
rejuvenating, and the chocolate is way better for my waistline (and
my moodswings) than an actual bar of chocolate (sorry, Jacques
Torres. I still love you.) The runner-up flavor for me is the
orange mint; fruity and fresh and sweet. And as a side note,
I’m guessing any of the mint flavors would be incredibly
helpful for morning sickness while pregnant.

But hands down, the chocolate mint does it for me. If I close my
eyes, the chocolate mint flavor tastes a bit like Girl Scout Thin
Mint cookies. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that every


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